Robert C. Martin - Clean Code. A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Oct 21, 2017 | 1 minute read

This book very disappointed me. I expected a lot more from it.

Only first 6 chapters was useful. Rest of it is too Java-specific. And a lot of code that is listed in full. To be fair, author warns you at the beginning that you have to read a lot of code. But It is super uncomfortable.

Listings that takes more than half of a page. Why don’t split those listing at small parts and comment them separately? I read it with 6-inch black-and-white e-book, so I didn’t even try to read any big listings. Plus I don’t write Java, I’m not familiar to this language and I didn’t understand some code at all.

And a lot of advices are Java-specific and not usable in other ecosystems.

So, the title lies to you. This book is for Java programmers. And you can read it only in paper or at the computer.

If you are not familiar with Java, only first 5 or 6 chapters are worth of your time. But a lot of thoughts are obvious. If you have any experience in production programming, you would come to the same ideas.

I recommend this book only to beginner programmers. If your main language is Java, it will be also useful to you (probably)

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