Rehearsals Booking

Name is temporary, until I came up with something cool that would be brandable.


In my city there is about 10 places where you can book a rehearsal for your band. You simply paying for hours and practice with your band.

But the process of booking is painful. The main inconvenience is that all of this places are not connected in any way. You have to manually search for them and talk to owners about available time. Zero interactivity.

I’ve never spoken to rehearsal base’s owners, but I’m guessing that they have outdated way of managing their bases. It is probably some sort of textbook, maybe excel.


I would like to aggregate all rehearsal stuff in one place. There will be list of all bases, very good search engine and filter, so band members will find a place to gather in no time and without any effort. Each base will have interactive schedule updated in real time, no more talking to owners, just pick your hours and book it.

And for owners there will be management page, where they can see how business is going, all relevant statistics and information.

Project organization

I decided to separate backend and frontend completely, they will have their own repos. There is no particular reason to do so, it will add some complexity to deployment and releasing, but it is interesting challenge.


I have a lot of feature ideas to implement, such as: gamification, management and booking with chat bots, instruments market, band members searching. Ultimate goal is to gather everything related to music bands in one place.


As for now it is not a priority for me. I reckon it is possible to make any money only when most organizations are connected to app and manage their work here. There are some possible monetization models I came up with, but they require market control. But now it would be cool if at least one organization will be actively using this app, free of charge.

I manage all task here, you can watch current progress

I stream whole process of developing with twitch

You can find all previous streams at youtube

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