PostgreSQL range types support for Laravel

It’s a Laravel package for PosgreSQL range types support

I discovered this article Date Ranges in Laravel by Pavol Perdík and approaches described there could really help me out in my Rehearsals booking project. They really simplify a lot of queries for managing rehearsal time and prices' intervals.

I implemented them inside my project and was very happy with results, so I decided to extract that implementation into package (also added support for other range types, though I didn’t use them).

During the creation I dug deep into how Laravel manages migrations, and creates fields in database, that was a lot of fun! Also I finally got acquainted with Github Actions and CI, this project was perfect candidate to try them out on.

I continued to stream my work, so if you are interested in watching my struggles, there is a playlist with livecoding of this package from scratch.

Source code and documentation are available at github

project preview